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Notification Areas - summary boxes

A - Summary of your current date selection. back

B - Quick details of any Tee reservations, when viewing just one date.
There may be more detailed information so you should check the full details for the events. back

C - Course conditions, may only appear when viewing a single date and only if a conditions report has been published. back

The Selection Options

To always display the selection options or the calendar -
click Yes to the relevant question, then click update/refresh.

1 - View this help page.

2 - Search see more below.

3 - Click to view a summary of the month's events in printer friendly format. back

4 - Click to hide or show the selection options.
(requires javascript be enabled more on this) back

5 - Use the date selection to set a particular date to view. (when view is set to month you do not have to set a date for a day) back

6 - Change the event type selection event type selection
to display just one type of event, then click Update/Refresh. back

7 - Check the view and time selections view and time selection to select exactly how you want the results to be displayed.
note: if you set a date but leave the view as month, the page will list all events for the month, you need to change the view to day to see just the date you have specified. back

8 - update selection - Click this if you change any selection options, to reload the page and display your new selection. back

9 - Previous/next day -
click to view events/results for the previous day (or the next day) back

10 - View previous or next month's events and results. back


Top of page


To always display the selection options or the calendar -
click Yes to the relevant question, then click update/refresh.

11 - hide or show the calendar.
(requires javascript be enabled more on this) back

12 - Displays event types or event headings, when you hover the mouse over a date on the calendar that has events.

When no specific event type is selected in the options, a list of event types is shown. back

13 - Click for month view of the named month.

14 - Click to view events on that day of the week for the current selected month. e.g. all events on a sunday in the month.

15,16,17 - Tile colours:

date tiles
RED = events on this day (the number of events is shown at the bottom of the tile)
BLUE = no events (for your selected options)
GREY = day from a month other than your currently selected month.



Notification Areas - event listings

event list area

Each event is listed as a coloured box, with start time, event type and heading. To view the full details click on a heading once the page is fully loaded.
(requires javascript be enabled more on this)
The event details will then expand to reveal the full information for the event.
(as for the Medal event at the top of the image on the left)

Each event type has a colour code to help you quickly spot them when a long list of events is shown on the page.

Once the details for an event are expanded, some buttons will be visible, one of which allows viewing of just that one event. A page that is of use if you wish to email someone details of a single event, see this example.

The ical icon ICAL button can be used to import (or add) the event into many types of calendar software. (See this page for a list of compatible programs)
For example if you have Microsoft Office 2007 and use the calendar in Outlook 2007, you can add the event to your calendar.
(Please check the help in your software for more details) back

Google Quick Add Text.
Highlight with the mouse and copy the text after the wording "Google Quick Add Text" if you want to use the "quick add" function in google calendar.
Then click Quick Add in google calendar and paste the text into the box.

qucik add


Search & RSS feeds

18 - Web ID - enter an id number for an event (shown on print summary) and click view details to view just that event. back

19 - Search - may not produce as accurate results as using the selection options above. It is recommended to use the selection options first. back

20 - Use this to view the next 14 events of the type you select. back

21 - RSS feed for the latest additions or updates - more about rss feeds.

22 - RSS feed for the next few future events. - more about rss feeds.

23 - An icalendar file containing details of the next 50 future events, you may be able to use this to add an additional calendar if your software supports this feature.
See this page for a list of compatible programs
(Please check the help in your software for more details)