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GOLF WEEK - Hills Prospect Day

06:00am - Monday 14th August 2017

Havers Gents & Ladies Events
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Last updated: 08/08/2017 at 19:36

Tee Reserved from 06:00 to 15:00

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Hills Prospect Day

Time: Course Closed until 3.00

Sponsor: Hills Prospect

Format: 18 Hole Four Man Team Event, Best Two Scores to Count to include the designated player.

Stableford Scoring.

H/Cap Allowance: 3/4 handicap - Ladies receive 2 extra strokes for the difference in SSS

H/Cap Limit: Men 28 / Ladies 36 (ACTIVE)

Tees: Men White / Ladies Red

Presentation: Between 6.30pm

Food: Special Golf Week Bar Menu

Hills Prospect Day
8.30 W.Smith J.Coupland T.Rudd R.Burkwood
8.40 S.Phillips T.Mann T.Hayles K.Cattermole
8.50 K.Jenkins P.Dabbs R.Stevenson M.Kuzma
9.00 R.Brewerton K.Banks T.Lawrence B.Young
9.10 C.Strelley D.Moore R.James M.Reynolds
9.20 B.Thorpe G.Richardson C.Gard H.Barr
9.30 S.O’Brien C.Vaughan R.Trotman J.D.Harding
9.40 R.Trinder I.Stansfield J.Larden M.Austin
9.50 J.Wells D.Wells P.Irwin R.Long
10.00 P.Townsend S.Parkes A.Joshua M.Boucher
10.10 M.Lockhart-Smith A.Bailey G.Dodds T.Nicholas
10.20 S.Mitchell M.Clarke A.Vaughan D.Joshua
10.30 S.Boyle M.Leonardi C.Hemingway H.Stubbs
10.40 F.Thorpe R.Holder C.Perry B.Cordery
10.50 P.Mutton R.Groves M.W.A.Coffey N.D.J. Oakley
11.00 P.Roberts G.Taylor P.Fosket I.Watts
11.10 M.Denny M.Hide D.Dalgleish N.Morrison
11.20 J.Warwick R.Bones T.Oliver D.Killick
11.30 C.Marsh R.Morgan D.Gerrard C.Watts
12.00 C.H.Taylor L.Taylor G.Cowell C.Grey
12.10 P.Webster R.Deeble N.Anderson G.Greenwood
12.20 A.Keyte R.Doe P.Marsh A.Hickey
12.30 M.King K.Maleary A.Rusbridge B.Foskew
12.40 H.Staudinger J.Rodda P.Gard W.Ross
12.50 T.Cox J.Connor A.Sylvester T.Muttick
1.00 K.Spellman J.Hide I.Chamberlain I.Smith
1.20 M.Northover D.Partridge D.Dix N.Jackson
1.30 S.Martin-Redman S.Partridge J.Warner S.Grimwade
1.40 J.Oakford A.Benstead R.Lewis T.Taylor
1.50 T.Shortt C.Ackred N.Meixner D.Hansom
2.00 P.Outtridge I.Low B.Evans N.Wastling

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