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GOLF WEEK - Hills Prospect Day

06:00am - Monday 13th August 2018

Havers Gents & Ladies Events
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Last updated: 13/08/2018 at 12:15

Tee Reserved from 06:00 to 15:00

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Hills Prospect Day

Time: Course Closed until 3.00

Sponsor: Hills Prospect

Format: 18 Hole Four Man Team Event, Best Two Scores to Count to include the designated player.

Stableford Scoring.

H/Cap Allowance: 90% handicap - Ladies receive 2 extra strokes for the difference in SSS

H/Cap Limit: Men 28 / Ladies 36 (Competition)

Tees: Men White / Ladies Red

Presentation: Approx 6.30pm

Food: Special Golf Week Bar Menu

Time Name Name Name Name
08:30 T. Lawrence K. Banks R. Stevenson M. Boucher
08:40 R. Burkwood R. Bond T. Hayles G. Wiseman
08:50 K. Jenkins M. Kuzma C. Marsh S. Phillips
09:00 H. Staudinger D. Barrett A. Hickey R. Doe
09:10 I. Stansfield R. Trinder S. Balderston M. Gibson
09:20 B. Thorpe F. Thorpe G. Richardson I. Chamberlain
09:30 L. Smith G. Donnelly S. Mitchell K. Wright
09:40 L. Wood I. Watts B. Kelly M. Kelly
09:50 P. Morris J. Oakford R. Lewis M. Redden
10:00 A. Joshua R. Deeble P. Webster L. Knifton
10:10 V. Stansfield S. Gregory M. Naden
10:20 S. Taylor G. Taylor P. Roberts M. Donnelly
10:30 D. Tanner A. Low M. Ellis J. Jackson
10:40 C. Vaughan A. Vaughan H. Sanderson B. Vaughan
11:20 A. Keyte N. Oakley I.A. Quick C.Taylor
11:30 T. Oliver G. Chisnall J. Rodda W. Ross
12:00 S. Banim P. Marsh B. Matthews N. Anderson
12:10 N. Meixner C. Ackred R. Morgan D. Hansom
12:20 J. Warwick T. Shortt C. Fleetwood J. Conner
12:30 C. Green
12:40 K. Spellman I. Smith J. Hide S. Grimwade
12:50 K. Maleary M. King A. Rusbridge B. Foskew
01:00 C. Hemingway S. O’Brien R. Long M. Leonardi
01:20 S. Martin-Redman S. Davies J. Warner I. Robinson
01:30 D. Partridge M. Northover S. Partridge D. Dix
01:40 G. Dodds A. Bailey T. Nicholas D. Leno
01:50 P. Outtridge I. Low B. Evans N. Wastling
02:00 P. Tanner J. Redden R. McAuley L. Wilson
02:10 B. West M. Whitehead M. Johnson L. Lewis

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