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Bursary Golf Day Results

06:00am - Sunday 10th June 2018


Last updated: 10/06/2018 at 19:00

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Arthur Havers Bursary Texas Scramble 2018
Player A Player B Player C Player D Player E SCORE
H. Sanderson P. Irwin R. Groves J. Taggart J. Wells 52.5
S. Harris V. McAuley J. Harris G. Thomas S. Thomas 53.3
G. Dodds A. Bailey T. Nicholas P. Outtridge F. Dufficy 54.7
N. Anderson B. Foskew P. Webster R. Deeble A. Rusbridge 57.4
R. Stevenson R. Morgan S. Phillips P. Townsend S. Parkes 57.8
G. Bishop M. Lee P. Aillud B. Povoas A. Miles 58.3
F. Maleary G. Maleary C. Maleary J. Maleary K. Maleary 59
D. Williams M. Smith J. Hide D. Killick G. Richardson 59.1
S. Martin - R D. Partridge S. Partridge B. Evans I. Low 59.3
Justin Osborne S. Grimwade P. Grotier S. Jayne Nathon Caldaw 59.4
S. O’Brien A. Hockey A. Morrison J. Sowton M. Gates 59.4
C. Hemingway R. Long T. Oliver R. Newton M. Leonardi 59.7
G. Taylor S. Mitchell M. Donnelly I. Watts M. Haines 59.9
J. Taylor L. Motion C. Grey G. Cowell S. Attrill 60.3
R. Attrill M. Coffey N. Oakley M. Lockhart-S D. Leno 61.2
M. Clarke S. Harding D. Gerrard A. Joshua D. Oliver 66.9
Nearest the Pins & Straightest Drive
Hole No Name Distance
3rd Phil Townsend 8 ft 11ins
6th Andrew Bailey 18ins
8TH Peter Outtridge 5ft 8ins
13TH Dick Groves 5ft 4ins
16TH James Taggart 8ft 1 ins
ST Jamie Harris
On 18th

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