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07:30am - Saturday 10th August 2019


Last updated: 10/08/2019 at 19:09

Details about this event:

Today’s Scores

Phillip Robinson Medal Winner (Handicap) – Jamie Redden 74 nett

Phillip Townsend 75 nett

Jack Bruce 76 nett

Nigel Anderson 76 nett

End of details.

Phillip Robinson Medal(Handicap)
Name Handicap Score New Hcp
Jamie Redden 11c 74 10.6c
Phillip Townsend 10c 75 9.8c
Jack Bruce 11c 76 11.1c
Nigel Anderson 19c 76 18.7c
Kevin Smith 2c 78 1.5c
Steve Mitchell 13c 79 13.3c
William Burns 8c 79 8.4c
Stephen Phillips 9c 79 9.0c
Kevin Maleary 10c 81 9.8c
Paul Tanner 5c 81 4.9c

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