Fish & Chip Friday: Takeaway/delivery
12.30pm -7.30pm every Friday in Lockdown
Members Only
Diary Event

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You can collect or we can deliver or call us before the end of your round and we will have ready.


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  • Fish & Chip Friday: Takeaway/delivery
Course Status
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15.09.2020 07:17
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Greens cut, bunkers raked and holes moved. Back,front,middle sequence . Flail work on the hedges will commence this week. The travelling sprinkler is on the 12th fairway today. Preferred lies are to remain in bunkers but updated to WITHIN 6 INCHES no nearer the hole while keeping within the hazard. Limited bins are available every three holes. To use the ball lifters once the ball has dropped in the hole, please GENTLY LIFT with your putter.