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I am delighted to announce that with the co-operation of Michael and Julie, at the Club office, we have now started to catch up with the rest of this year's draws.

Last week, Mike, Audrey and myself completed the March and April 2020 draws and these will be followed up next month with the draws for May and June.

The results of the March and April draws are as follows,

MARCH 2020

1st No 186 Jamie Redden £200
2nd No 6 Colin Marsh £100
3rd No 28 Louise Wood £100
4th No 36 Sarah Fryer £ 60

TOTAL £450

APRIL 2020

1st No 150 Ken Claridge £200
2nd No 115 Mary Lowe £100
3rd No 82 David Baker £100
4th No 142 Roger Deeble £ 60

TOTAL £460

Please arrange to collect your prize money from the office.

It's been a very uncertain time of late, with the Club House being under lockdown and with limited access to the office, plus members of staff on furlough, but God willing we seem to be on our way to normality and the 100 Club draw can now get back to its monthly draw.

To all of you who have kept your support going we thank you very much and look forward to you winning in the near future.

It is intended that we will arrange an extra special prize draw for Golf Week.

Yours sincerely

David Joshua


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Greens cut and ironed, bunkers raked and holes changed. Holes sequence is front, middle, back. Please can u keep your rubbish on you until you reach a bin and not throw in the floor at the ballwashers. Preferred lies are to remain in bunkers but updated to WITHIN 6 INCHES no nearer the hole while keeping within the hazard. Please remember to repair your pitchmarks. Tee times are bookable from 8am - 7pm with 10 minute intervals. Limited bins are available every three holes. To use the ball lifters once the ball has dropped in the hole, please GENTLY LIFT with your putter.