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It seems that we are now up to date with the monthly draws and the result of the draw made yesterday, 15th July is as follows.

1 No 61 Richard Fryer £200.00
2 No 27 Terry Baker £100.00
3 No 235 Robert Dee £100.00
4 No 33 Jemma Jackson £ 60.00

My thanks to Jan McLellan for her help in making sure the draw ran smoothly.

Congratulations to you all, don't forget to collect your winnings from Julie in the Club office.

With the encouraging news that the Frinton Golf Club annual Golf Week is now to take place, it is only right and proper that the 100 Club follows suit with the annual GRAND BUMPER SPECTACULAR SUMMER DRAW with many cash prizes totalling £1,000.

To have a chance to win one of the many prizes you must of course be in it. If you are not a member of the 100 Club then it’s not too late to see Julie and book your own personal number and by so doing you are also supporting your golf club with some of the many expenses on the course and in the clubhouse.

Remember it is just £60 a year (or £5 a month) for entry into 12 monthly draws

Thank you all.

David Joshua


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Greens cut and ironed, holes trimmed, bunkers raked And green surrounds and collars mown . Pulpit tee mown also. Mowing frequency of tees down to once this week and fairways will be left until next week to keep a bit more grass on them during this hot spell. Remedial work on 7th drain runs also taking place . Preferred lies are to remain in bunkers but updated to WITHIN 6 INCHES no nearer the hole while keeping within the hazard. Please remember to repair your pitchmarks. Tee times are bookable from 8am - 7pm with 10 minute intervals. Limited bins are available every three holes. To use the ball lifters once the ball has dropped in the hole, please GENTLY LIFT with your putter.