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Possible Blanford Fly bite warning

Article Published: Sunday 20th August 2017 16:12:05 pm
Blandford Fly Bites
Jan McLellan was bitten on her lower leg recently whilst playing the 3rd hole.
Jan experienced no serious effects at the time, however later in the day her leg became infected and extremely painful.
The Doctor researched her symptoms and discovered a number of cases had been reported across the South & East of England with similar symptoms after being bitten by Blandford Fly.

Symptoms of Blandford fly bites

The NHS says Blandford fly bites are usually most common during May and June. They often occur on the legs and are very painful. They can produce a severe, localised reaction around the area of the bite. It says symptoms include:

Oedema ( swelling)
A high temperature (fever) of 38C (100.4F) or over
Joint pain

Treatment for Blandford fly bites

Doctors familiar with Blandford fly bites suggest the following treatments:

Clean the bite wound with soap and water and dry gently
Creams that contain camomile lotion, steroid cream or anaesthetic can soothe the pain of a bite, as can an antihistamine tablet. Do not apply cream or ointment to broken skin and always follow the instructions on the packet. Even though it may be itchy, try to avoid scratching the bite because you may damage the skin and allow bacteria to get in
Redness and irritation are common and should settle within a few days with these measures
Secondary infection is less common. If you notice red lines appearing on the skin or enlarged lymph nodes (swelling) in your armpit or groin, seek medical advice.

Blandford fly bite prevention

NHS Herefordshire recommends people should cover up and use insect repellent when out and about near affected rivers and streams.

More information from Boots website

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