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Article Published: Friday 28th September 2018 19:05:37 pm

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Dear Members

Below you'll find details of works recently carried out on the golf course, and planned winter projects. Attached is information relating to the now confirmed phase 2 of the irrigation.
We have now agreed a schedule of works for phase 2 of the irrigation and work will commence on the 1st October and take approximately 10/12 weeks weather permitting.

On the 1st and 2nd October a large area of the car park will be needed to be kept clear to allow irrigation control access to the lower end of the overflow car park for their deliveries and site set up, the area required is highlighted in the photo.

If you are playing on those days the side gate leading to the practice area will be left open for members to park. While work is ongoing, which ever green is being worked on that day that green will be on a temporary, all the other the greens will be in play.

The website and golf club's Twitter/Facebook will be updated daily to confirm which green is being worked on.

Vertidraining, verticutting, hollowtining, overseeding and top dressing to all greens.
Fairways 3,5,7,8,9,11,12,15 and 18 have been overseeded 10th September (10/9/18)
When the seeds show signs of germination, they will be fertilised and a wetting agent applied.
Unfortunately, during the recent drought growth has been limited, but it is hoped that a damp, warm autumn would alleviate matters.
The policy of timing and cutting the long rough is to a large extent determined by the requirements of the SSSI. However, as we approach the cutting window the thick patches of rough adjacent to the fairways, for example to the left of the 11th Fairway, would be scarified deeper so that the grass would hopefully be thinner and wispier next year.


1. Liaise with and attend on Irrigation Control regarding the Phase 2 Irrigation work.
2. Top up sunken drainage runs. SC plans to use coarse sand to prevent the fines from leaching into the shingle.
3. Take out overgrown bushes (hawthorn/blackthorn) to the rear of the 12th green and replace/plant with more gorse.
4. Cut out the woody gorse, brambles and weeds between the 13th and 15th greens and replace as necessary. Ditto the bush to the right and forward of the 11th tee.
5. Plant gorse on the mound to the left of the 3rd green.
6. Rubber crumb path/bridge between 16th green and 17th tee
7. 3rd white tee construction. The white tee will be levelled and enlarged slightly, at the same time as this the area in front of the tee will be filled in and the surround at the back of the 2nd green graded into this area.
This will improve traffic flow and grass coverage on this area. It will also allow us to maintain area more efficiently.

Kindest regards
Sam Cook
Head Green Keeper

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