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Article Published: Friday 7th December 2018 17:44:55 pm
- From Sam Cook
We are now at our winter cutting height of 5.5mm and are mowing greens approximately twice a week (weather dependant).
Holes are now also being moved twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. This is because of the increased wear and slower recovery this time of year.
The warm wet weather has meant that disease pressure has been and is currently quite high. The greens have been sprayed with a fungicide for Fusarium.
Warm wet conditions have meant that we have had some good recovery and seed germination on all fairways. As soon as ground conditions allow, we will commence our fairway aeration (vertidraining) This will probably start in the new Year as its too hard at present.
The rough is currently being scarified to a depth of 2 inches, this is quite aggressive but will mean that the rough will be thinner at the base for next season.
The wet conditions are meaning that we are carrying out this operation as and when we can.
Tees & Collars
The autumn feed has meant these areas have recovered well and aeration will start in the couple of weeks.
Other Works
Drainage runs are being topped up, we are using sharp sand this time. It is hoped that the coarser/larger particle size will stop the settlement happening.
3rd tee is now complete and turfed, we our doing our best to keep our resident mole at bay but he is causing a small amount of damage.

Some path ends, damaged areas and low areas have also been turfed.
The irrigation installation is nearing completion with just the snagging to be carried out on the course.
Over the next week or so we will be putting out some posts and rope around the course to manage the traffic flow and sharp sanding some of entrances and exits of the bridges.
The holes by the large L/H bridge on 18 will also be filled to stop the water collecting there.

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