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Article Published: Friday 4th October 2019 15:44:02 pm


As Iím sure most of you are aware, we have had another dry summer which looks set to continue with only 260mm of rainfall recorded from January 1st (which is nearly 40% less than average).

The course has held up well despite this and has been much better condition than last year.
The greens have remained consistent in their appearance and condition throughout the summer and I think we are reaping the benefits of protecting them throughout the tough winter months. The finer grass species (fescue and bent) are flourishing at present.
Autumn renovations went well, and we have had good germination of the fescue seed.

This operation is essential as we remove organic matter with the removal of the core and replace with sand. This improves the playability and surface drainage of the green and creates a seed bed for the fescue to establish. The deep solid tine will fracture and fissure the subsoil to improve subsoil drainage and root establishment.

Autumn programme
The autumn/winter work programme will consist of draining the 7th and 9th fairways. Once this project is completed, we will move onto levelling and enlarging the 12th white tee.
The tank has now been replaced and tested.

Leatherjacket damage
Acelypryn has been purchased for control of the cranefly larvae, this product has been released on emergency licence again. Havers and Kirby course greens were treated on 30/9/18. We also treated the 1st tee.

We are seeing some good recovery on the bare areas of the fairways, the 5th and the 10th have had some granular fertiliser to aid this recovery.
4th, 14th and 18th will have an application of liquid foliar feed when the sprayer has been repaired

All tees have had granular fertiliser application.

Staff matters
Not much to report here, Liam and Steven are making good progress with their level 2 qualification.

As part of the new club V1 system I am providing a daily update for course operations, I hope you are finding it informative and not too repetitive. As always I am also more than happy to have a chat on the course if you have any questions or queries.

Sam Cook
Head Greenkeeper.

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