Behind the Bar

Front of House Manager: Hannah Butler

Hannah and her team will dress your room in accordance with your requirements, this may be an everyday request, but one Hannah and her team takes seriously, they go the extra mile to make your experience one to be remembered.


James Oxley and Wayne Harland

Lead by James Oxley, our catering department receive rave reviews both inside and outside the Golf Club.

Inside the clubhouse we feature a lovely menu, bar snacks and the specials menu


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  • Games night and members' draw
  • 100 Club January 2020
  • Frinton Golf Club back in full swing
  • Ladies New Year Golf
  • Movember Fundraising
Course Status
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26.01.2020 08:09
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Greens cut, ironed and sprayed with a dew dispersent. Work on stripping the 10th tee and turfing drainage runs continuing today.